Tuesday, 15 September 2020

A history note: 1995 post R&D

25 years ago!

Synergo at the very outset. The year is 1995. A group of urologists and scientists at HSR publishes its first article and presents a new device based on a microwave source delivering local bladder hyperthermia together with intravesical chemotherapy.

44 patients treated. Overall response rate in 90.8%: 70.4% complete and 20.4% partial.

Positive, repetitive results have led to the development of the “Synergo®”.

Synergo® RITE technology was specifically developed and designed to deliver local microwave hyperthermia (radiofrequency) in combination with chemo to treat Non Muscle invasive Bladder Cancer. All administered via Synergo transurethral RF applicator.

Starting as early as 1992 and continuously to date clinical trials have been conducted to study the benefits of combined treatment of Synergo® over chemotherapy and immunotherapy alone for people who suffer from NMIBC and other tumors in the bladder. The treatment has become a common practice in leading centres both as a prophylactic treatment (after TUR) and ablative treatment (for tumour eradication).

Photo below: pre-Synergo: transurethral microwave bladder with chemo instillation. A lamp was used to hold the embedded antenna within the silicone catheter.

Photo: 25 years ago! Synergo at the very outset. A designed device. Arm replaces the lamp.