Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Synergo presented at the SWDGU (Südwestdeutsche Gesellschaft für Urologie e.V.), Offenburg 2018

45-year-old patient suffering from a multifocal, recurrent non-muscle invasive transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder since 2012.The patient had multiple transurethral resections of the bladder (max. Tumor Stage pTA, high-grade).

The patient received instillations therapy with Mitomycin (8x), 2013 followed BCG instillations, which was aborted due to BCGitis with pulmonary and hepatic infection.
In 2015, following repeated recurrences of tumors, the patient was recommended cystectomy which the patient rejected.
Synergo® treatment was performed at the patient's request. A total of 8 induction cycles (11/2015 -01/2016, 2x40 mg Mitomycin weekly) and 6 maintenance cycles (04 – 12/2016, 2x20 mg Mitomycin 6-weekly) were given.

Since 03/17 the patient receives a maintenance therapy (2x20 mg Mitomycin, once every 3 months) and has been remaining free of tumour for 2 years.
With overall good therapy compatibility, a unique Intradetrusorale Botox injection was required to treat the increasingly pronounced urge symptoms.

RF-Induced hyperthermia and chemotherapy after failure of previous instillation therapies with Mitomycin and BCG can be an effective therapy option in individual cases before offering cystectomy.

Hyperthermiegestützte Mitomycininstillation nach Versagen der herkömmlichen Instillationstherapien bei rezidivierendem, nicht muskelinvasivem Harnblasenkarzinom als Alternative zur Zystektomie 

Presentation given by Maxim KocherginUlrich Witzsch; Joseph Bcheraoui; Stefan Tietz; Eduard Walter Becht from Krankenhaus Nordwest