Monday, 30 June 2014

BAUS Annual Meeting in Liverpool 2014

BAUS Liverpool 2014

The Synergo booth at the recent BAUS meeting in Liverpool was well-attended by both British and overseas urologists. Over the past few years I have seen growing interest and also familiarity with the Synergo technology. The group from St. George’s, London, presented a 7-year study of 100 HR-NMIBC patients, treated with Synergo, showing a five-year survival comparable to that after cystectomy but with a lower morbidity.

A lively interest was also shown in our upcoming multicentric study in which a number of British Urology Departments will be taking part.

I would like to thank the organisers and BAUS members for making our participation such a memorable one.

Dr. Zvi Bar
Head of Clinical Department
Medical Enterprises Group

Dr. Zvi Bar, Head of Clinical Affairs, has been with MEL for two years. His main responsibilities are in the area of clinical training, seminars and research and development. Zvi joined MEL after a 35 year long career in Anesthesiology during which he held various posts including Head of Dept. of Anesthesiology and Chairman of The Committee ‎for Quality Assurance of The Ramat Marpe Hospital Group, as well as ‎Examiner in Anesthesiology for The Israel Medical Council‎.